Gonçalo Aleixo Nunes

Gonçalo Aleixo Nunes

Graduatedin Law (2020), Postgraduate in Banking Law (2021). He is currently working onadissertationfor the Scientific Master's degree, specializing in Banking and Insurance Law. He is a Guest Lecturer inthe Legal Sciences Group at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon, teaching Civil Procedural Law. Tutor of undergraduate courses (General Theory of Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Law of Obligations, Civil Procedural Law II, Maritime Law and Commercial Law I and II). Currently, he is preparing to join the Bar Association at the law firm PLMJ, SP, RL. He has been a researcher at the Centre since 2022.

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Guilherme Dray

Guilherme Dray

Lawyerwith a PhD in Law from the University of Lisbon. Guilherme lectures at the University of Lisbon School of Law, in Post-Graduate Programs at the New University of Lisbon and at the Catholic University of Porto, and in several seminars at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo and at the Porto Alegre Board of Attorneys, in Brazil. He has also lectured as a Professor of Law at the Guinea-Bissau Law School. He was Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA. He wrote several juridical papers and books published in Portugal and Brazil. He also co-founded the Institute of Labour Law, the Institute of Consumer Law, both part of the University of Lisbon, and the Portuguese Speaking Countries Jurists Community. He is currently member of the board of the Institute of Labour Law. Guilherme was Head of the Portuguese Prime Minister´s Office during the XVIII Government (2009-2011) and Head of the Cabinet of the Minister for Public Works, Transport and Communications of the XVII Government of Portugal (2005-2009). He participated in several official and bilateral meetings in several countries of Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. During the Portuguese Presidency of the EU (2nd semester of 2007), Guilherme assisted the directorship of the Transport and Telecommunications Council. Guilherme is currently a Partner at the Law Firm Macedo Vitorino & Associados.

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