Miguel Brito Bastos

Assistant Lecturer at the University of Lisbon School of Law, since 2009, where he graduated in 2009. Currently preparing his doctoral dissertation in Private Law, to which he was admitted per saltum.

Researcher at the Lisbon Research Center for Private Law – CIDP (since 2014) and Invited Researcher of the LX Legal Theory Group (since 2016). Coordinator of the Advanced Postgraduate Course in Banking Law and of the Intensive Course in Financial Intermediation.

Main research areas: Foundations of Private Law, Obligations Law, Banking Law, Securities Law and Corporate Law. Speaker and coordinator in several courses and conferences. In postgraduation programmes, he teaches in subjects of Banking Law, Securities Law, Investment Funds, Corporate Law, performance and breach of contracts, Insolvency Law, Commercial Litigation and Data Protection Law.

Author of more than 20 publications, among which the following: «A recusa lícita da prestação pelo garante na garantia autónoma “on first demand”» (2010), «Deveres acessórios de informação (em especial, os deveres de informação do credor perante o fiador)» (2013), «A interpretação dos atos administrativos» (2018, in co-autorship with Professor Paula Costa e Silva), and the monography O mútuo bancário (Coimbra Editora, 2015). É também co-coordenador da coleção Estudos de Direito Bancário publicada pela Almedina. He is also coordinator of the book collection Estudos de Direito Bancário (Studies on Banking Law) published by Almedina.

Professional activities: lawyer, legal consultant and arbitrator.