Diogo Pereira Duarte

Professor of Law at the University of Lisbon, where he teaches General Theory of Civil Law, International Contracts and Law of Financial Technology (FinTech). He is a researcher at the Private Law Research Center (CIDP). Was a Guest Professor at the Faculty of Law of Eduardo Mondlane University (Maputo). He is also Professor at the Universidade Europeia (Laureate international).

Outside the academy, he is General Counsel and Data Protection Officer at Banco de Investimento Global (BiG).

Author and lecturer in the areas of Civil Law, Corporate Law and Labor Law. He has been researching the FinTech phenomenon, and co-organised the project “FinTech - challenges of financial technology (2017)”. He is member of the executive committee of the FinTech and Crowdfunding Conferences, the later co-organized by the CMVM and CIDP. He is also a collaborator of Portugal FinTech Association and the Governance Lab.​