CIDP helds conference about surrogacy

CIDP helds a conference entitled “Surrogacy and the Portuguese Law”.

The conference unfoldes in two panels: “Surrogacy legal framework” and “Surrogacy and Family Law”. In the first panel, topics relating surrogacy to bioethics, dignity of the human person, gender and to International Private Law will be discussed. In the second panel, it will be analyzed topics like surrogacy and filiation, medical aspects of the intervention in pregnant women and deontological issues, the relationship between the pregnant woman and the child, and same-sex couples access to medically assisted reproduction.

This initiative is coordinated by Professor Miguel Teixeira de Sousa and has the participation of the Professors Fernando Araújo, Jorge Reis Novais, Helena Pereira de Melo, Elsa Dias Oliveira, Jorge Duarte Pinheiro, Miguel Oliveira da Silva, Margarida Silva Pereira and Paulo Corte-Real.