CIDP regularly organizes conferences, seminars and workshops on current topics in Private Law.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoeren: "The EU Data Act"

At the invitation of CIDP, Professor Thomas Hoeren (University of Münster) willbe at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon on March 19th to give a conference entitled "The EU Data Act - general questions and basic problems from the perspective of an information lawyer". The conference will take place in Amphitheater 10, at 6:30 pm, aimed in particular at Masters and PhD students in Intellectual Law, but will be open to all interested parties. With a career dedicated in particular to research in the area of Information Law and Intellectual Property, Professor Thomas Hoeren has been, since 1997, Professor of Information Law, Media and Business Law and Director of the Institute of Information Law, Telecommunications and Media (ITM) at the University of Münster. He also worked as a legal advisor for the European Commission, was a judge in Düsseldorf, an associate researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute andProfessor of Information and IT Law at the Universities of Zurich and Vienna. The Speaker's presentation will becarried out by Prof. Dr. Dário Moura Vicente, President of CIDP.

European Civil Procedure Lecture Series

CIDP is hosting on the 7th of March the third lecture of theEuropean Civil Procedure Lecture Series, titledTheEvolution of Civil Procedure in Europe -A New Concept of Procedural Autonomy? Among the participants in the event are CIDP researchersPaula Costa e Silva,Isabel AlexandreandJoão Marques Martins. Also attending are researchers from several European countries, including Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Poland, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. The event will be broadcast online via zoomand no registration is required. For those interested, you can watchhere.

Conference: Corporate Environmental Responsibility

Join the Conversation at the "Corporate Environmental Responsibility" Conference. Discover the forefront of environmental responsibility discussions at our upcoming conference on December 5th. Engage in a dynamic cross-cutting dialogue between distinguished speakers and the public, delving into crucial topics like international corporate environmental liability, due diligence obligations, climate litigation, corporate governance, reporting requirements, financial law, and sustainable finance. Our expert panels feature professionals from diverse backgrounds in both public and private (international) law, offering unique experiences and perspectives. Whether you are in Lisbon or connecting online, mark your calendar for a day of insightful discussions shaping the future of corporate environmental responsibility. Do not miss out—be part of this influential event as we explore, discuss, and redefine corporate responsibility on a global scale.

Conferência sobre 20 anos do Agente de Execução em Portugal

Continuamente comprometido com a comunidade jurídica e empenhado em contribuir para a elevação do debate juscientífico dos temas em análise, o Centro de Investigação de Direito Privado (CIDP) apresenta a Conferência Comemorativa dos20 Anos do Agente de Execução em Portugal. Contando com a presença de um vasto e qualificado corpo de oradores especializados na matéria e destinada a alunos, advogados, agentes de execução, solicitadores e práticos da área, a Conferência que se apresenta pretende discutir o presente e o futuro do Agente de Execução na Ação Executiva, encarando a evolução dos últimos 20 anos e a concretização de um novo paradigma da execução.

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