2 October 2018 > 27 June 2019
IV Advanced Postgraduate Course on Corporate Law


Professor António Menezes Cordeiro

Professor Ana Perestrelo de Oliveira

Dr Madalena Perestrelo de Oliveira


Attending of two modules corresponding to two semesters:

  • Corporate finance – 1st semester (2nd October of 2018 - 31st January of 2019)
  • Corporate governance – 2nd semester (7th February of 2019 -  27th June of 2019)


* (OPTIONAL) Intensive module of specialization on Corporate Finance Digital [linkar para este curso]
Fee: €250 – for students of the present and former editions of Postgraduate Course on Corporate Finance who would like to add this specialization.

Fee: €500 – for students who are not registered on the Postgraduate Course on Corporate Finance.



Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, with coffee break



  • 1st phase: 15% early birddiscount (cumulated with applied discounts) until 30th September of 2018
  • 2nd phase: 1st October of 2018 until 31st January of 2019



Are open until 28th September of 2018




  • Registration fee: €50 (non-refundable)
  • Tuition fees: €2200
  • Students can choose for full payment or to pay by 4 instalments
  • Single modules: 1st semester: Module I (€240), Module II (€360), Module III (€400) and Module IV (€360). 2nd semester: Module I (€450), Module II (€450), Module III (€450)
  • Single sessions: €40 each to the limit of places in the respective classroom ​



  • 10% for lawyers, trainee-lawyers and former students, from less than 2 years, from FDUL
  • 20% for members of the National Association of Young Portuguese Lawyers (ANJAP) and for members of AEM - Association of Issuers of Securities Listed on Market
  • 50% for FDUL master students and for FDUL final year students
  • 35% for students attending more than one CIDP postgraduate course, in the present or former academic year
  • 35% for CIDP post-graduation students enrolled in single sessions of other CIDP postgraduate courses
  • Special discounts for more than five enrolled students in CIDP postgraduate courses


Final evaluation:


Work subject:

the students must present, at the end of the course, a paper on a subject of their choice, provided that it relates to one of the subjects taught

Maximum length: 

30 pages (font Times New Roman, size 12, line spacing of 1.5)


  • Corporate Finance: 30th April of 2019
  • Corporate Governance: 15th October 2019

Extended deadline

€ 100 for each month of extension


Delivery: a hard copy must be delivered at CIDP’s office and a pdf version must be sent to the email address cidp.inscricoes@fd.ulisboa.pt


Timely delivered papers are evaluated by a jury composed of two Professors / speakers. Papers are rated from 0 to 20 points and it will be communicated to the students by email. The authors of the best papers may be invited to publish them in publications organized by CIDP.


A Graduate Certificate is awarded at the end of the course after attendance of the course (attendance is required in 2/3 of the sessions) with positive evaluation; a Certificate of Attendance is awarded at the end of the course after attendance of the course (attendance is required in 2/3 of the sessions) without evaluation and after attendance of singles modules or sessions.




For more information please contact CIDP to the e-mail address cidp.inscricoes@fd.ulisboa.pt or at +351 915 575 169 (every working day from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm)