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I Postgraduate Course on FinTech and Regtech

Poster / Program


Prof. Doutor Rui Paulo Coutinho de Mascarenhas Ataíde

Prof. Doutor Diogo Pereira Duarte

Dr.ª Inês Sítima



The IDC/Association for the Study of Consumer Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon in partnership with the Bank of Portugal and the Portugal FinTech association presents a new Postgraduate Course on FinTech and Regtech: Consumer Protection in a Changing Financial Sector, which will be taking place from 22 September to 27 October 2023.

Fintech has come to put into crisis the traditional business models of banks, investment firms and insurance companies, offering new customer-centric investment solutions. However, while these entities are subject to strict compliance with an increasingly dense body of rules, from which investors indirectly benefit, Fintech takes advantage of a favourable regulatory environment to establish itself and offer, through cutting-edge financial technology and in a competitive manner, services that were previously exclusive to regulated entities. In this context, consumer protection is an essential aspect to consider.

In this course, with an international scope of discussion of matters related to Fintech and consumer protection, we invite our students to reflect on issues such as the regulatory challenges of these entities, the existing authorisation rules and the various activities developed by them, with a special focus on consumer protection issues, with an obligatory passage through the crypto-active market, DAOS, Smart Contracts and some recent legal cases, namely the FTX insolvency.

The course will draw on the expertise of regulators, academics and professionals from different areas who contribute to the current debates on the impact of technology on Financial Law.



Course sessions will take place, preferably, on Fridays between 18h30 (6.30pm) and 21h50 (9.50pm) and Saturdays between 09h30 (9.30am) and 12h30 (12.30pm), Lisbon time (GMT; https://time.is/pt/Lisbon).

Other timetables will apply, exceptionally, on the days indicated in the programme-poster (for instance, there are classes scheduled on two wednesdays).



Course Rules for the Academic Year 2023/2024


Instructions to the application

Video: Registration for the first-time in the Applications Platform


Video: Using a prior registration to conclude an application or re-apply




- Registration fee: EUR 50 (non-refundable).


- Complete Course without assessment: EUR 1,400.

- Complete Course with assessment: EUR 1,600 (the Complete Course tuition plus the assessment fee of EUR 200).


- Separate Course Modules (without assessment):

Module I (EUR 400); Module II (EUR 650); Module III (EUR 650); Module IV (EUR 400); Module V (EUR 200); Module VI (EUR 650); Module VII (EUR 300).


- Separate Course Modules with assessment: the Module tuition plus the assessment fee of EUR 100.


- Tuition per single conference(s): EUR 100/conference (with attendance certificate).



1 - Students who choose to enrol in the Complete Course, with or without assessment, may pay the tuitions in two equal instalments under the following conditions:

- The first instalment should be paid upon enrolment;

- The second one should be paid until 21st September 2023;

- The assessment fee applicable should be paid until 20 October 2023.

2 - Payment in instalments does not affect the right to discounts agreed upon in the Protocols referred to in the 1st special condition.




- 10 % to Lawyers and Trainee Lawyers with a valid subscription to the Portuguese Bar Association (OA), and former students of Lisbon Law School for less than 2 years;

- 20 % to members of the National Association of Young Portuguese Lawyers (ANJAP);

- 35 % to members of the Academic Association of the Faculty of Law of Lisbon;

- 35 % to final-year undergraduate students, Master's students and PhD students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon;

- 35% to students enrolled in another post-graduate course at the Centre for Private Law Research (CIDP);

- Special conditions to be agreed on a case-by-case basis for enrolments of more than 5 students in CIDP postgraduate courses.


If the student falls into one or more of the categories listed in the preceding paragraph, he may opt for the discount of greater value, without the possibility of cumulation.



When the student chooses to apply for the Complete Course with assessment or for Separate Modules with assessment, the student must, at the end of the course, submit a written assignment (paper) on a topic of the student choice, provided that it relates to one of the subjects taught (cf. Course Programme).




a) to have a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 30 pages, written in computer;

b) it must be written in Times New Roman font type, size 12, with 1.5 spacing between lines and footnotes in font size 10 of the same type.



Until 30 December 2023

Exceptionally, the deadline for submission of the written assignment (paper) may be extended once for a period of one month, upon payment of EUR 100 (one hundred euros).



Copy in digital format, through the NETPA portal (student reserved area).



The written assignment (paper) delivered on time will be assessed by one of the Course Coordinators or one of the speakers, with preference for the lecturer of the session to which the subject of the assignment relates.

The written assignment (paper) will be graded from 0 to 20.

If the written assignment (paper) is assessed with a grade lower than 10, the student will fail (cf. nr. 7 of article 6 of Course Rules for the Academic Year 2023/2024).


For any information, please contact the IDC Office:

- by e-mail: idc@cidp.pt 

- or by mobile phones: +351 915575169 / +351 915738059 / +351 911751295 / +351 912425805, every working day from 2pm to 6pm.


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