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Dário Moura Vicente

Dário Moura Vicente was born in Lisbon in 1962. He holds a PhD and Aggregation in Law from the University of Lisbon, of which he is a Full Professor. He has taught, among other subjects, General Theory of Civil Law, Law of Obligations, Comparative Law, Private International Law, International Commercial Law, Copyright and Industrial Property Law. He was Vice-President of the Directive Council of the Faculty of Law, President of the Institute for Legal Cooperation and President of its Scientific Council. He is, since 2023, President of the Private Law Research Centre. A lawyer in Lisbon since 1987, he has served as an arbitrator, lawyer, and expert in numerous arbitration proceedings. He is the President of the Portuguese Intellectual Property Law Society, an Associate Member of the International Academy of Comparative Law and a Member of the Hispano-Luso-American Institute of International Law. Vice-President of the Deutsch-Lusitanische Juristenvereinigung. President of the General Assembly and member of the Scientific Council of the European Association of Private International Law (EAPIL). Main scientific publications: Da arbitragem comercial internacional: Direito aplicável ao mérito da causa (1990); Da responsabilidade pré-contratual em Direito Internacional Privado (2001); Direito Internacional Privado: Ensaios (4 vols., 2002-2018); La propriété intellectuelle en droit international privé (2009); A tutela internacional da propriedade intelectual (2nd ed., 2019); Direito Comparado (vol. I, 5th ed., 2021; vol. II, 2017); Comparative Law of Obligations (2021).

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The Research Centre for Private Law, founded in 2014 and chaired until 2023 by Professor António Menezes Cordeiro, is a private research and development institution, established as an autonomous unit without legal personality of the Institute for Private Law of the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon.



The Centre's main objective is the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the field of Private Law. Its activity is predominantly developed along two fundamental axes: the individual and collective research carried out by its members and expressed in scientific articles, monographs and comments on legislation and case law; and the organization of courses, seminars, conferences and workshops on current themes in private law, to which other university lecturers and national and foreign renowned specialists are also associated.


The Centre privileges freedom of research and thought in its activity and is guided by the aim of making a relevant contribution to the progress of scientific knowledge of Private Law, from national, European and international sources, and of promoting legal culture, especially in Portugal and in other Portuguese-speaking countries. Its activity is based on the principles of merit, equal opportunities and transparency.


In this website, the Centre publicises its activities in the two abovementioned axes. It identifies the Research Lines currently pursued by the Centre and, whenever possible, makes available the main publications produced within the scope of those lines of research; it also publicises the knowledge dissemination activities organised by the Centre, with emphasis on the postgraduate courses and intensive courses taught therein.


CIDP's governance structure is composed of a Board of Directors, a Scientific Council and an External Advisory Board...
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Collaboration & Partnerships

CIDP has established partnerships with Portuguese and foreign institutions, thus fostering synergies for the development of its projects.
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Segunda a sexta-feira, entre as 14h e as 17h.
Sala 13.15 (Piso 3 - acesso pelo ascensor junto ao Anfiteatro 1)
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